Creating your first course on Learn Philippines - Moodle

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Start creating your first course (for teachers only).

After getting your course creation access, you are now ready to start creating your first course. Weather you are doing it using the live site or the sandbox practice site, this short guide will work for you.

Note that this post is more of teaching you which menu section to go to for you to start creating your very first course. This is not a Moodle course creation help manual. Also, this is for teachers with the course creation access already setup.

Follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Login to Learn Philippines
  2. Go to the 'Course' section of the top bar menu and click on 'Manage courses'
  3. Select the category which you have course creation access. This is the category you mention in your access request.
  4. On the right hand section of your screen, click on the 'Create new course' button to open the 'Add a new course' window.
  5. Now you can start keying in all the information needed for your new course.
  6. Use the 'Teacher's help guide' section if you need help regarding the details of course creation.

We recommend that you use a laptop or a desktop computer when creating or managing your courses. Mobile devices will work too, but you will spend a lot of time scrolling pages due to the limited screen size.

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