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Welcome to Learn Philippines!

Weather you have your teacher's access to create a course or not, this post is a must read for you.

There are probably thousands of ways to get started using Moodle, learning the Moodle terms or the "What is" (we really believe) will give you a good clear start.

Let's start with the What is ... ?

A Student

  • Is someone under your school's class, meaning in your physical classroom.
  • Is someone you invited or instructed to create a Learn - Moodle account on their own (or with the help of a guardian/parents).
  • Is someone you will give access to or enroll to your Learn - Moodle course/s to do some of the learning activities that you set within your own course/s.
  • Is someone's course activities you monitor (activity completion, comments, questions, grades, etc.) thru the Learn - Moodle site.

An Activity

  • Is a type of student work or maybe just a simple instruction that you set inside your course/s for your students to perform at a set time.
  • It's something that your student will perform, while you monitor the progress and the results. It can be an activity of asking your student to read a page from another website, watch a video, etc.
  • It can be something that you create on your own, like a book page you created within your course/s.
  • Or a simple 5 true or false questions quiz (or a half a day 100 questions exam) that you created within your course section using Learn - Moodle.
  • Or maybe asking them to write an essay using their own computer with Microsoft Word and submitting it to you thru the course they are currently in (which you created).
  • Or just asking them to listen or watch a recording that you made and saved inside your course/s.

A Section

  • Is where you put the selected activity or activities (mentioned above) for your students.
  • It's a part or a segment of a course (mentioned below).
  • It's a way of dividing or organizing your course content, topics and activities.
  • You can have one or two or more sections in a course.
  • It's not a student grouping.

A Course

  • Is what you create as a teacher for your students to works on.
  • It contains section or sections of your student's activities.
  • It can be one short quiz activity only or a multiple week long activities.
  • Is what students enroll to.
  • Is what teachers create and manage.

A Teacher

  • Is you reading this right now.
  • Is someone using his/her own e-learning tool for students.
  • Is someone allowed to create a course within Learn - Moodle.
  • He or she understands the leverage and benefits of having properly setup online courses.
  • Is a real teacher by profession.
  • Is continuously learning and sharing Learn - Moodle know hows.
  • Is the main focus of Learn Philippines.

A Category

  • It is a course container for Learn - Moodle.
  • It is where teacher's create and manage their courses.
  • It is used by Learn - Moodle to organize different courses from different levels.
  • Only teachers are given access to these course containers.


  • Is a free Learning Management System software.
  • It is supported by community of Moodle users.
  • It is Learn Philippines LMS of choice.
  • Is what you as a teacher is learning right now thru LearnPhilippines.com (or the Learn site).

Learn Philippines (or Learn)

  • Is a free e-learning platform for educators and their students.
  • Is built based on solid Moodle LMS, data privacy and security and community learning collaboration.
  • Is a sub-set of Pinoy thingy.
  • Is the manger and host for the Learn site (LearnPhilippines.com), which you are using now.

Now you are ready to start creating your first course. Go to the 'Guide' section of the Learn site and click 'Teacher's access request' option to get your course creation access.

Learn - Moodle is an easy thingy to learn, but not that easy you won't need help.

Learn Philippines

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