Teacher's HELP GUIDE for Learn Philippines - Moodle

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Teacher's HELP GUIDE

As you may already know, Learn uses a self study and community collaboration approach to learning its usage and functions. This post is to guide teacher's how and where to find the help they need in learning and later becoming an expert using Moodle (Learn Philippines LMS).

Where and how to find Moodle help documents?

  1. Moodle help documents website - One way to access this help documents is by the 'Guide' section of the Learn site and selecting the 'Moodle help documents' option. Another way is to type in the site url (https://docs.moodle.org) onto your browser's address box.
  2. Moodle online help documents - A much better way (whenever available) is to click the 'Moodle Docs for this page' link at the bottom of the Learn page. This will give you the help documents you need for the current page that you are working on.
  3. Moodle community posts - There are thousands of Moodle 'HowTo' posts on forums, video sites and even private websites. All you have to do is key in your web search keywords on Google or what ever web search tools you are using and you should get the links to related posts.

Where to find Learn Philippines related discussions?

  1. Pinoy thingy - Learn Philippines forum - Go to Learn.Pinoythingy.com website and find the 'Learn Philippines - Moodle' forum. It is required for teacher's to create an account with Pinoy thingy forum in order to posts questions and comments concerning Learn. Like Learn Philippines, Pinoy thingy is about involvement and collaboration.

Is there a phone number to call or an email address to mail to for support?

  1. No support phone number and no email support. Learn uses a self study and community collaboration approach to learning its usage and functions. We believe is better and fun this way.

Follow the 'Guide' section of the Learn site and you will be just fine.

  1. Register with Learn - Create you account with Learn Philippines.
  2. Teacher's help guide - This is a must read help guide, read it.
  3. Teacher's get started guide - Read this suggested approach for a good and clear start.
  4. Teacher's access request - After completing the above 3 steps, it's time to request for the access permission to create courses on both the live site and the sandbox practice site.

Learn - Moodle is an easy thingy to learn, but not that easy you won't need help.

Learn Philippines

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